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Outsource a Chore.

Let businesses and individuals bid on your chores. Here’s how:

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  3. Get stuff done.

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Make Money.

Get paid to help people get things done. Here’s how:

  1. Find a task
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  3. Get stuff done.
40,000+ assistants waiting to do your stuff!

What Can I Get Done?

You can find someone to do ANYTHING on DoMyStuff.com. Picking up drycleaning, mowing your lawn, and cooking your dinner are examples of chores you can post.

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What is DoMyStuff.com?

DoMyStuff.com allows you to post a chore that needs doing--like, say, walking the dog--and then individuals or businesses in your area will bid on your proposal.

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How Can I Make Money?

People post their tasks on DoMyStuff. All you have to do is bid on a task. If an employer accepts your bid, you do the task and then get paid!

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